I was a sophomore in high school when I awkwardly stumbled into a photography class. After just two classes, the eccentric personality of my teacher scared me away. I transferred into journalism, as it was the only other elective offered at that time, and, well, it wasn’t taught by the same eccentric teacher.

Little did I know that somehow, photography would still find it’s way so strongly and so passionately into my life. And, little did I know, when I was forced to take a class from that same teacher in my senior year, she would quickly become one of my favorite teachers (thanks Mrs. Bell, and, um… sorry?).

Fast forward oh, about 20 years now, and I still have a hard time being away from a camera for too long. I started shooting professionally, for a community newspaper in my junior year, and by the time I graduated high school, had been published in multiple weekly and daily newspapers. I pursued and achieved a degree from the Art Institute of Seattle, in commercial photography, with an emphasis in editorial portraiture.

Since then, I’ve shot for numerous clients, from Seattle to Sweden, and for companies such as T-Mobile and Adobe, as well as numerous newspapers and publications, as well as having photographed everything from brain surgeries to presidential candidates and presidents. I love being a storyteller.

And, when I’m not telling your stories, I am out, in nature, trying to tell it’s story.

I hope you enjoy my galleries here. Each and every photo has so much behind it- so much to tell.

Thank you for visiting.