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Sound of Silence The Wonderland Chief Kiwanda

Ben was born deaf. At nine months old, his parents elected to have cochlear implant surgery done, and give him the opportunity to hear. I was lucky enough to be allowed in the operating room at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland. Here is Ben's story.

Clients: Polk County Itemizer-Observer, OHSU

The Wonderland Trail is a grueling 100 mile hike around the base of Mt. Rainier, Washington. Mt. Rainier, which stands 14,411 feet tall, offers amazing views, awesome waterfalls and every kind of environment possible. When you do the trail, you pack light.


To keep my bag weight down, I brought nothing but a P7100- an advanced point and click digital camera. Here are my results.

One mile off of the coastline, into the Pacific Ocean, sits Haystack Rock. Formerly dubbed Chief Kiwanda Rock, after the Chief of the local Native American tribe, the rock is one of the tallest haystacks in the country, and debate-ably the world. Besides the famous Pelican Pub beer, this area, and Pacific City, remain one of the Oregon Coast's hidden gems. View my study of the rock.

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