The Wonderland Trail is a grueling 100 mile hike around the base of Mt. Rainier, Washington. Mt. Rainier, which stands 14,411 feet tall, offers amazing views, awesome waterfalls and every kind of environment possible. When you do the trail, you pack light.


To keep my bag weight down, for photography purposes I carried nothing but a Nikon P7100- an advanced point and click digital camera. No flashes, no filters, just a built in lens, and the worst one to me- no tripod.  It was a 10 day hike for me, pounding me with over 20,000 feet worth of elevation gain and loss,


Granted, there are some great photos that I missed because of gear limitations, but overall, I think I proved to myself that it isn't about the camera that makes a good photo. It's about the knowledge and skill behind using any camera in front of you.

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